The next chapter at TACK

Seventy years ago, entrepreneurial brothers George and Alfred Tack launched TACK Training – a sales training business that was revolutionary for its time.

TACK has since grown into a dynamic, global businesses, transforming the lives of thousands of people and helping organisations to thrive in 55 countries and 37 languages.

Like the learning and development industry itself, TACK has evolved beyond recognition, but we’ve never changed our fundamental beliefs in the power of people to realise their true potential and never strayed from our brand commitment to bring customers world-class practical solutions that deliver real value.

With the recent acquisition of TACK International by multi-national staffing firm, Gi Group, the business celebrates its 70th anniversary with a new visual expression of our brands — one that marries our past to our present and sets the course for a bright future.

More of TACK’s refreshed brand look will unfold over 2018. In the meantime, watch the reveal of TACK International’s new logo here.

What is visually different?

TACK International’s logo has been updated to incorporate modern, bold typography in a professional grey tone.

The logo now includes the endorser of our parent company, telling the world that we are proud to be a specialist brand for learning and development within Gi Group’s portfolio of HR related businesses.

TACK’s brand mark now features a strong symbol in a refreshed shade of red. The symbol design is based on TACK’s long-standing ‘You, We, I’ learning model for customer centricity – representing our unrivalled commitment to delivering customer value and results.

Retention and refresh of the core brand colours, recognised by TACK customers worldwide, coupled with a new graphical element that continues to tell the brand’s story, results in a fresh logo design that marries the past with the present and future of TACK.

You can read the official press release announcing the new brand identities for TACK, and sister brand, TMI here. 

Why a new look?

As the learning and development industry continuously evolves, TACK also grows, adapts and innovates to meet the ever-changing needs of learners. TACK required a new brand identity that is relevant, sustainable and representative of its vision for now – and into the future.

As you can imagine, rebranding one of the world’s longest-established and well-loved learning and development brands warranted thoughtful research and strategy for execution.  Two Brand Strategy and Design firms provided excellent consulting on those two aspects.

Research, involving employees, partners and customers globally, reinforced the key values for TACK, the approach we take, our unmatched customer focus, our unique expertise and the quality of our global solutions.

With the rich 70 year heritage of TACK International, it was no surprise that research also highlighted the necessity to retain the brands’ authenticity by incorporating some original elements into a refreshed look.

Whilst TACK looks a little different, the core brand belief system remains the same.

  • We believe in people and their ability to develop and change.
  • We are passionate about unlocking potential, enabling people and organisations to thrive.
  • Through our learning and development solutions, we are committed to delivering real value, in terms of measurable results to our customers.


You’ll begin to see TACK’s stimulating new look implemented across local websites and learning materials throughout 2018.

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